Friday, 29 March 2013

The Best Things !!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------I've got the best thing in the worldCoz' I got you in my heartAnd this screw little worldLet's hold hand togetherWe can share foreverMaybe someday the sky will be colored with our love
I wake up in the morning
Feeling emptiness in my heartThis pain is just too realI dream about you, with someone elsePlease say that you love meThat we'll never be apart
You have to promise
That you will be faithfulAnd there will be lots and lots of loveIt is the that really matters in the world

                                          # LYRIC

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Oh, secret admirer, when you're around the autumn. Its feels like summer.How come you're always messing up the weather?Just like you do to me.... -.-
My silly admirer. How come you never send me bouquet of flowers? -haha-It's whole lot better than disturbing my slumber, if you keep knocking at my door.
Last night in my sleep, I dreamt of you riding on my counting sheep.Oh how you're always bouncing and you look so annoying ! ^ ^
Dear handsome admirer, I always think that you're a very nice fellow.But suddenly you make me feel so mellow. Every time you say hello.And every time you look at me. I wish you vanish and disappear into the air.How come you keep on smiling?Oh! You look so annoying.
My secret admirer, I never thought my heart could be so yearningPlease tell me now why you try to ignore me, cause i do miss you =)

My Buddies

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